The hardest thing…

I had this long post about how we need to take care of ourselves as mamas based off a personal story, but there is something that has rocked me and I feel the need to write.

I received a call today from my sister. I saw a missed call and voicemail from her (even though my phone never rang) then heard the house phone ring.  Two calls = not good news.  A former neighbor of my parents- a young couple with two young boys (3 and 1) have experienced the greatest lost and the greatest miracle all in one day. The husband, a handsome, friendly, personable man drove his car to an overpass, climbed the 10-12 foot suicidal prevention fence, (most likely as it seems too hard to imagine him climbing with both kids) threw his two sons over the fence before climbing and jumping himself. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The miracle? The two boys survived. It is reported that they have severe but not life-threatening injuries and are both in ICU.

No matter who you are, it is hard to hear news like this. What is even harder, to know the people involved and process it. And even harder than that- having two amazingly beautiful, healthy children and wondering how someone so innocent gets dragged up into this whole mess.

I saw someone post one of the many articles about the incident and one of the comments underneath simply said, “selfish.” Trust me, I do not condone what he did to his family. I do not understand what he did to his family, yet I find that comment to irritate and frustrate me because they have NO idea what drove John to this point. They are implying that this man was thinking logically and came to the conclusion that this was his best choice to take his life and his sons’ lives.  When speaking to my own dad, he said it best, “People are trying to put logic where logic doesn’t exist.” As a rational, usually level-headed thinking adult, my first reaction is, “how could you do this to your kids?!” but John could not have been thinking logically. No logical, thought provoking being would come to this conclusion.

This poor family- I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. I can’t begin to imagine what brought John to this devastating point. I have chatted with him on so many occasions. He detailed my car one week I was up visiting my parents. He helped me with a car battery issue I was having. He talked so sweetly about his two boys. They were the perfect next door neighbors.

My heart breaks for him- that he was so beyond help that his mind thought this was the only option. My heart breaks for Fara who has to nurse her two babies back to health while grieving over the lose of her husband while also dealing with the public’s opinion of her husband and their marriage. My heart breaks for those two little boys who will grow up without a father and will, I am sure one day, know what happened to them.

Today, our world just needs some extra prayers tonight. Our world needs a few extra hugs for our littles. Our world needs an extra kiss to our significant other. Our world needs love, hope, faith, and understanding— Please help me by taking a few seconds and thanking God for everything you have been blessed with and then to ask him to watch over this dear family.

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