When it rains… it pours.

Ever have one of those weeks that you think, “things can’t possibly get worse,” or if you are little bit more optimistic, “we will get through this and be stronger at the end?” Well let me tell you, I have had one of those weeks. It started with visiting grandparents and my daughter coming down with a 103 fever. She was a zombie. I had never seen her that sick. We headed to urgent care where we were and the doctor was PHENOMENAL. He checked her from head to toe and spend about 30 minutes with us (after we waited for about an hour and a half). Poor thing was checked for the flu and strep and both came back negative and her lungs were clear– no sign of anything. Fast forward to Thursday, she was still fighting a fever (after a 36 hour break) and we were able to head to our pediatrician. Went through the flu and strep test again and now this time X-rays to rule our pneumonia. EVERYTHING was negative. Finally two shots of antibiotics and a blood count confirmed she had something bacterial. She went back the next day for another blood count and ended up with two more shots of antibiotics. Finally the third day (Saturday), her blood count was back to normal and she was given an oral antibiotic. So now the task as hand— NO ONE ELSE GET SICK!!!

UNTIL— my son spikes a fever Monday afternoon (but only 100.something). UGH! Well I take him IMMEDIATELY to the doctor and explain my whole reasoning (which they totally understood) and again, everything came back negative so they wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic but to hold off one more day to see if he gets better. It’s now been day 4 of fever and 2 days of antibiotics, and another doctor visit!!!

Oh wait– and then I have had sciatic pain shooting down my leg, causing me excruciating pain to walk or move quickly, and even worse, getting out of bed is the biggest challenge… and ready for the kicker?! Husband isn’t home!!!! He was luckily home until my daughter was given antibiotic shots, but he hasn’t been home since.

SO— I know we have all been there. We have all had these weeks from hell that we want to just forget about (or maybe we can laugh about later— much MUCH later!) I try to keep reminding myself that it’s only been a week and we can get through it. All of this is temporary. All of this will eventually go away. Fevers reduce, pain goes away. We are lucky actually to hopefully get it all over with in a 2 week period— but I. Am. So. Tired. Positive thoughts, though, or I might just go insane and cry. But, we have all been there.

So to all the moms and dads who just want to throw in the towel— one step at a time. Things will get better. Reach out for help. Surprisingly, people do want to help!!! Yes, sometimes it might not be convenient for you or them, but people want to help and let them!! Parenting takes a village and sometimes in this world, I think we forget that. It’s not all happy kids and fun playdates as seen on Facebook but a daily struggle, so let people in and enjoy the village!