Make it smart

If you are like me, you don’t want to waste your money on upgrading all your perfectly functional electronics.  Smart TVs have been out for a while now, but when my husband and I moved a few years ago and started our lives together, they weren’t even a thought. We bought a pretty nice, decent size TV (2 of them) and were very happy.  Fast forward some years and Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime video have all taken over. People are cutting their cable and using other means to watch TV… except us.

I love my cable shows. I may watch more TV than the average person. I don’t watch anything in real time and we live off of our DVR– something I couldn’t live without since I tend to fall asleep with 10 minutes left in any show. (So watching stuff ‘On Demand’ is torture because I have to rewatch the whole show and still manage to miss the last 10 minutes. Yes, this happened last week as I was trying to catch up on Designated Survivor and I watched the pilot about 5 times before actually seeing it all the way through.)

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But then Netflix and all these other avenues of watching TV have come out with their own series (my newest obsession- The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life— I was obsessed with this show when it was actually on and have rewatched the whole series SO. MANY. TIMES.) It was time to be able to watch these shows on more than my 13 inch computer screen. Last year, Black Friday, I went through this whole explanation as to why we need an Amazon Fire Stick. Clearly, I didn’t need a whole speech and didn’t need to plan my rebuttals because he simply said to just get it. It was about $25 when we bought it, so pretty cheap. It has been the BEST purchase. The amount of kids shows and movies that we can get to take a break from the same stuff we watch all the time. The old series of shows (Parenthood — one I caught up on with the help of Netflix, and SO MANY MORE) that you can watch. The exclusive series that are on. I was able to watch the Olypmics through the NBC Olympic app. I can download Amazon Prime movies and watch right on my TV without hooking up anything else but the stick that is already in my TV. I can upload pictures and have a slide show. The possibilities are endless!

All the Amazon Fire Stick does is turn your ‘not very smart TV’ into a smart TV that can connect to the internet. It is still on sale this weekend!!!! Now is the time to get it. I don’t usually say that something is so good that you have to go get it, but this is definitely a winner in my book!



**Full disclosure regarding content on my blog. I share the items I personally love and want to share with others. I would NOT suggest or promote something I have not used myself and that I do NOT believe in.  I am an affiliate with Amazon, so for those items I am making a small amount if you decide to purchase through my site. Much of what I will make, I will be donating to different causes- Wounded Warriors, Fischer House, and other pop-ups throughout the year like Epilepsy research and St. Jude’s Hospital. I plan to use this blog to help give back while also helping my family while my husband is deployed.