My Hesitant Nutritional Journey


carrot-1085063_1920We live in a very conflicting world. We are bombarded by images of “perfect” bodies, sex appeal, and 1,001 diets we can jump on to help us lose weight. At the same time we are also bombarded with stories about learning how to fuel our bodies properly, being strong and confident versus tall and thin, and loving the body we have been given. As an adult, this can get confusing, so imagine what it’s like for the youngest members of our family.

I recently decided for myself that I needed to change some bad habits. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I love my carbs and dairy. Subsequently, so do my kids. I have been a part of an accountability group for months. Each month I feel motivated and determined, then week one comes and goes and then all of a sudden the month is already over without me making much of an effort and continuing to find excuses.

A lot of friends have jumped on the Whole 30 diet, Paleo diet, or 21 Day Fix diet. (I hate calling them diets because that has such a bad connotation.) While I am not ready to give up dairy, coffee, or the occasional glass of wine, I am ready to change some dietary habits. What has jumped out at me the most was the fundamentals of each of these diets; moving away from processed foods to eating more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Luckily, our family is pretty good at limiting processed foods, but you put a vegetable in front of me and you might as well call the hazard team over.

Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables. I love broccoli, Brussel sprouts, green beans, asparagus, but I genuinely HATE cooking. If I could have a permanent chef in my house to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner- cutting up a fruit salad, preparing my dishes, I would eat SO. MUCH. BETTER. I now described wanting my very own nanny (maybe Corinne from the Bachelor was on to something) and now I am wondering why when I do this all for my kids, they refuse to eat anything. Don’t they know a good thing?!

Also, if anyone can figure out why I take the time to prep my kids meals and make them well balanced dishes, how do I manage to still eat like complete crap. This was where I knew I needed to start. I finally (after 4 years of prepping meals) that maybe, JUST MAYBE, if I also took a few minutes to put some extra fruit and veggies into a third bowl then I would eat a tad bit better. SO… that is what I started doing this week.


So after weeks of inspirational and motivational posts from friends about eating mostly fruits and vegetables, feeling amazing, having more energy, sleeping better, feeling stronger, and no longer making the number on the scale a thing, I was convinced that it was my time to start doing this too. I know it’s not going to be easy. There are days I’m going to want to binge eat a package of Oreos and there might be days I allow myself to, but I’m going to stop making the number on the scale mean something and start making my body the priority. I need to be happy, healthy, and strong for two small kiddos who look up to me. If I can’t do a hard thing for myself, then I will at least do it for them and my husband.

If you are on your own nutritional journey, I would love for you to share. I know some have FB pages, some have blogs— share your story, because you never know when you will inspire someone else.