This is outrageous!

I’m telling you it’s awful. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. They do it to us. They go ahead and make SO MANY AMERICANS infuriated. It becomes the single biggest controversy in November. I thought this year it would be different because of how much heat the election is having, but the controversy is amped up by the already angry public… Starbucks came out with their holiday cup.

201a8c5d992786e7c614267bd7e026bd Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Just look at that atrocity! I have already seen several roaming the streets of my small town today. People joyously holding this green cup like they are drinking happiness.  What does this possibly have to do with the holidays?! It’s green and has all these random drawings all over it.  Where are the snowmen?! Snowflakes?! Christmas trees?! You know, the real symbols of the holidays? It’s just absurd what they are trying to do– where is the holiday spirit?!

And the designer behind the cup? You have to be thinking what his thoughts were, right? What could he possibly be thinking when creating this cup? Something so far from the idea of the holidays as possible— unity. Blasphemy!

Wait. What?! Something this country needs a little bit more of?! Yes, it is in fact unity. The artist decided to create a drawing using a singular continuous line to make 132 faces of different members of our very diverse population. I hope you agree that this idea is just outrageous. I mean, Jesus could not possibly want that message over some snowflakes and trees. The idea we need to accept others and our vast diversity is the farthest thing from where we are as a nation and it is being echoed even through this newest controversy.

Shogo Ota, the artist behind the cup, was reported saying, “Everybody on the Earth. People should feel and think everybody is happy together.” Isn’t that exactly what this time of year is about?  So in all seriousness, may we find the true meaning of the holidays- however you celebrate. May we hold out a loving hand and heart to anyone who is struggling (even if they don’t look like they are). Invite the lonely neighbor over for cookies and tea. Invite the coworker with no family in the area for some holiday cheer. Bring that blasted cup to someone or pay for the person behind you in line. May we find the true meaning of the holiday season.